Peak Performance Ebonite Ball Review

Ebonite Mission X


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Pin to PAP:  4 ½”
MB Degree:  60°
X Hole:  None

Box:  3000 Abralon

Length:  42 feet (Medium-Long)
Volume: 25.5 Micros (High Volume)
Lane Surface:  Wood

Length:  Ball is very clean through the front end.
Midlane:  Very strong motion in the mid body of lane
Breakpoint:  Outstanding continuation of ball motion after midlane

The Mission X is very clean through the front part of the lane and transitions very strong in the body of the pattern (midlane). Most balls will slow down too quickly with this type of stong midlane ball motion but the Mission X has tremendous continuation at the breakpoint. 
The new core also has positive influence on the overall performance of the MISSION X too.  It is very noticeable during the drilling process and seems to “cushion” the impact at the pins resulting in excellent pin carry.  I have tweaked the coverstock with different abralon pads which results in stronger or delayed ball motion relative to the pad surface.  This cover is extremely versatile for all environments.  Another great asset to the new combination of the MISSION X cover and core is the variation in ball motion created with different hand positions.  This is the most versatile and strongest Mission ball released to date.  The MISSION X is must ball in a bowling ball arsenal!