Being Comfortable With Your Game

What does it mean to be comfortable with your bowling game? You can view "comfort" in two ways.
One way to view comfort is the acceptance of the status quo. In that sense, bowlers train within a comfort zone impeding progress. To grow as a bowler, you should push past comfort and challenge yourself.
The phrase "getting comfortable with being uncomfortable" is often associated with the "push your limits" mindset.
Also, you can view "comfort" through a different lens, such as being comfortable with the variety of challenges in the sport of bowling, being comfortable implementing new skills or tools in bowling competitions, or being comfortable bowling against top players.
In this view, feeling comfortable builds CONFIDENCE and TRUST in your game.
What impedes feeling confident and trusting your game?
High Expectations - When expectations are high, you will often feel that you need to be perfect to meet or exceed those expectations. These bowlers heap an extraordinary amount of pressure on themselves and constantly battle with anxiety. I see this a lot with bowlers who have a big event coming up (league, tournament, etc.).
Comparison to Other Bowlers - When you constantly use other bowlers to gauge your abilities, you will feel you don't measure up or lack the ability to perform at a high level. Many of these bowlers develop less joy and/or stop bowling permanently.
Persistent Fear - Fear halts progress. When you give in to fear, such as fear of embarrassment, fear of making mistakes, fear of failure, or fear that you lack ability or talent, you will hold back in training, bowl cautiously, consistently underperform and fall short of your bowling goals.

Become Comfortable With Your Game To Win The Day!