Be Prepared

The less you have to think about the morning of your bowling competition, the better. By getting everything ready the evening before, you’ll eliminate the possibility of stress and any decision making in the morning.


Check your equipment - make sure you have an arsenal that will create different shapes and will provide transition solutions. Make sure your tape in your thumb hole is clean and fresh. Check your interchangeable thumb sleeves for wear and tear and make sure they are glued securely into the sleeve. Check your finger grips for wear and tear and secured with glue. Check your accessory bag for tape, shoe slides/heels, abralon pads, etc. Do a pre check before you get to the event.


Decide on your clothes and have them ready - get your bowling attire ready for the event.


Make sure you have nutritional snacks and anything else you will need is ready to go. Don't load up on sugar or processed food. Fuel your body with quality food and drinks.


That feeling of being prepared will make it easier to start the day off well and provide a winning mindset for your competitive bowling event.


Get Prepared to Win the Day!