Your Score Is Not A Reflection Of Who You Are

“Bowling is your servant, not your master.”


One trap I see many bowlers falling into is judging themselves as a person, or thinking that others will see them differently (as a person) if they bowl a good or bad score. That somehow they are a better person and will be more respected by bowling good scores, and the opposite if they don’t. That puts an awful lot of pressure on each bowling event!


It’s important to remind yourself that bowling will never define who you are, and people won’t judge you as a person by the score you shoot. You need to make sure you separate you the bowler from you the person, if you are to be successful.


By working on this you will free yourself up to play some of the best bowling of your career.  By doing a better job of not letting your results affect the way you think about yourself will provide incredible joy and freedom.