Get Out Of Results And Get Into The Process.

There’s a goal that I speak of often. It’s called a “process goal.” Success comes from patiently and persistently doing the right things over and over. Process goals are the “to-do lists” of players striving for excellence. The process is what gives you a chance to find out how good you can be. Here, for instance, is a set of process goals for a competitive bowling event. 


If you follow them, you’ll give yourself your best chance to find out how well you can bowl in that bowling event: 


• I will trust myself and my over physical game on every shot. I don’t have absolute control of where the ball goes. I do have absolute control of whether I trust myself.


• I will execute my pre shot routine on every shot.


• I will stay in the present. I won’t speculate in the middle of the event about what my score will be, or where I’ll stand in the tournament. I’ll stop worrying about breaking 190, 200 or 220. I will not critique or analyze the shots I’ve taken. I will focus on each shot as it comes, and that will be the only shot I’ll care about. When it’s over, I’ll see how I did and reflect.


• I will refuse to allow anything that happens in the bowling center today to bother me or upset me. I will accept bad breaks and mistakes and be tough in adversity. I am going to be in a good mood and a great state of mind for the entire bowling event today. I’ll enjoy bowling. 


• I will trust my instincts and be decisive and committed.


• I will get looser freer and more confident as the league/tournament goes on, resisting the urge to get tighter, more careful and doubtful.


• I will love my opportunities at shooting spares today.


• I will let it go to my target on every shot.


• I will maintain a constant, ideal level of intensity on every shot.

Surrender to the outcome and Win Your Process!