Thought + Experience = Wisdom

Diversity of Thought + Diversity of Experience = Powerful Wisdom


One of the greatest things in coaching is the different mindsets and philosophies of coaches.  Whether the coach is younger or older each is unique in their coaching philosophies.  The thoughts (mindset) and the number of years in the sport of coaching (experience) provide a gift to other coaches.  The gift is WISDOM.  


Some of my best learning moments are getting around other coaches and listen to their different ways of coaching the physical and mental game.  It provides us coaches with added knowledge, different perspectives, and the result is becoming a better coach.


Develop a growth mindset and listen to the different coaching styles (diversity) and enjoy the different eras and cultures these instructors have coached (experience).  All of this provides us coaches with POWERFUL WISDOM as we head out to coach our next player.


Look for Diversity and Win the Day!